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As we said, a comfortable facility environment is critical for optimal productivity. Compared to AirMotion Next Generation HVLS Fans, most solutions - including the standard high-speed industrial fans - are less effective, or more costly, or both. AirMotion HVLS fans' complete and more effective air movement creates more comfortable and healthier environments in all types of facilities.

Energy efficiency is fundamental to the design of AirMotion HVLS fans. Air has significant mass, and once it starts moving - as inertia is overcome - the momentum of the moving air mass allows for a continuous air circulation requiring little effort to maintain it. AirMotion HVLS fans have been designed based on this simple principle to move a lot more air than standard high-speed industrial fans while using very little energy. Instead of larger motors and higher RPM (speed), the combination of our proprietary Variable Pitch Technology (VPT™), Rotatair™ Composite blades, and MultiMode Smart Control - all unparalleled features in the big fan industry - moves and mixes massive amounts of air to create a comfortable and healthier facility environment. This smart use of technology translates into more productivity while generating significant energy savings - both having a substantial impact on the bottom line.

With continuous increase in energy costs, the immediate energy savings benefits of AirMotion HVLS fans provide some of the most compelling reasons to install them.

Apart from the financial benefits, reduced energy usage and corresponding greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions makes for a better environment now and for future generations.


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