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  • We wanted the Next Generation of HVLS fans, our Big Smart Fans, to be simple. Simple in design, operation, and manufacturing. That way we can bring hassle-free, cost-effective air movement solutions to our customers. Consistently and reliably.

  • We set out to properly use VFDs. Having encountered many of the challenges in operation and wear and tear with other products, we made sure to avoid the pitfalls and inconsistency one can encounter with poorly designed use of VFDs, in AirMotion HVLS fans.

  • We wanted to be sure AirMotion HVLS fans could fit into more and tighter spaces. So we have made them low profile - requiring at least a foot less mounting space than what we were used to. You can put them in low-roof mezzanine areas, and above many operating cranes.

  • We wanted to make them durable. So we use the best-engineered materials. We relied on our engineering expertise to avoid unnecessary weak spots and high-torque wear and tear.

  • We wanted to make them lightweight. So we have avoided bulky hubs and heavy metal blades. With our Rotatair™ Composite blades, not only do we achieve strength without adding to the weight, we can also optimally design our blades for better efficiency.

  • We wanted the blades to have the same effectiveness in moving air up or down. So we designed our Rotatair™ blades symmetrically. And built them strong, and light.

  • We wanted to fend off any confrontation you may have with your local fire marshal and/or insurance underwriters. So we have designed AirMotion Next Generation HVLS Fans to fit within the confines of typical fire suppression systems found in most facilities, and not obstruct their operation. Our fan sizes also help eliminate the counter-productive strobe effect created by obstructing lighting.

  • We wanted to reduce installation costs significantly. So we have designed AirMotion HVLS fans for easy installation. With our low voltage controls, complicated and costly wiring is avoided.

We won't stop there. We will constantly be striving to build AirMotion Next Generation HVLS Fans the best that they can be. You can count on it.


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