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With AirMotion Next Generation HVLS Fans you get complete control of air movement in your facility.

With the low to high speed capability of our fans (20 to 120 RPM) you can adjust the fan speed to create a pleasing, non-disruptive breeze with little cooling effect (or no cooling effect at all at the time of heat de-stratification in the colder months), or a stronger breeze when you want it in very hot conditions.

With our VPT™ (Variable Pitch Technology) you can control the reach and direction of the air movement - from a columnar air flow for narrower focus to a conical air flow for broader reach (picture an hourglass shape of air motion) - equally effectively up or down by changing the pitch of the Rotatair™ blades from 0 to 20 degrees, up or down. We call it Adjustable Air Movement.

With three or more fans arranged in an array you can get an all-encompassing, wave like air movement and mixing throughout your facility by adjusting some fans to move the air upward while others moving the air downward. We call it Complete Facility Movement of air.


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