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AirMotion Next Generation HVLS Fans are probably the easiest, most efficient and cost effective solution to air movement challenges in large facilities/buildings with high HVAC energy costs. They move and mix massive amounts of air up and down, and de-stratify uneven temperatures trapped in different levels and zones to provide a comfortable and more productive facility environment.

The primary function of AirMotion HVLS fans is to provide comfort in a facility - more efficiently and effectively than any other air movement solutions. Enhancing comfort within a facility renders an increase in the level of worker and/or livestock productivity.

The key benefits of the quiet and unobtrusive operation of AirMotion big fans are -

AirMotion big fans provide a natural cooling effect of 6°F to 8°F - or more - by creating a pleasing, non-disruptive breeze. With the low to high speed capability of our fans (20 to 120 RPM) one can also adjust the fan speed to create a stronger breeze if desired.

In the cold season/climates, most large facilities with heaters installed at the roof level or at a lower level typically around the walls, can experience 15°F or more difference in temperature from floor to roof (as hot air always goes up). AirMotion big fans mix the trapped warmer air from roof level with colder air down at the floor level to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the facility and save a guaranteed 20% or more in heating costs by reducing heater cycle time.

AirMotion big fans are an effective supplement to Air Conditioning. They allow for 3°F to 8°F higher thermostat settings by creating equivalent cooling effect (of lower settings) with efficient air mixing, and provide 3% to 5% savings on energy costs per degree of thermostat reduction. They also reduce the need for costly ducting and air conditioning tonnage with correspondingly less financial and human resources needed to build, install, and maintain it.

AirMotion big fans mix incoming fresh air with the indoor stale air to maintain a refreshing and healthier environment reducing/eliminating the need for any IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) solutions while also minimizing the volume of air (and corresponding loss of warm or cool air) that needs to be replaced.

Other Benefits
The massive air movement of AirMotion big fans also replace humid and noxious air to create a healthier indoor atmosphere to breathe in; and reduce damage, waste, and disease with improved drying effect in dairies, warehouses, and food processing facilities. They also help keep birds and bugs away and eliminate all the damages that they cause.

Greater productivity using less energy resources is a green concept that is in great demand today.


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