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AirMotion Sciences Announces its Fans For Trees Program

Holliston, MA (October 30, 2007) - AirMotion Sciences, Inc. announces the introduction of its Fans For Trees Program. For each AirMotion HVLS fan purchased in North America, the Company will have 10 trees planted in a US National Forest previously damaged by fire, disease, or insects. Similar tree plantings will occur on a worldwide basis for its international customers.

“We have a tag line on our web site and brochure that says 'Green in many ways'. This further substantiates this fundamental aspect of our business” states Peter Caruso, AirMotion’s Founder & CEO. “Besides the energy savings and resultant environmental benefits provided by the fans, and the related cost savings to generate significant greenbacks, we have instituted this program to plant Douglas fir and lodgepole pine trees. Part of our company’s mission is for us to leave the world a little better than we found it. This program will help us do that.”

“We know our customers recognize the value of our products’ benefits to their productivity and energy efficiency efforts” says Caruso. “At the same time, we think they will also appreciate being recognized for having some trees planted in their name. There’s a reason they call these magnificent trees evergreen - over the course of many decades, a single tree can generate enormous amounts of clean oxygen, provide significant air pollution control, recycle large volumes of fresh water, and control damaging soil erosion. Our customers get to do some good while doing well for years to come.”

About AirMotion Sciences, Inc.

Based in Holliston (MA), AirMotion Sciences uses simple science and smart technologies to design, build, and market energy efficient air movement systems for industrial, commercial, agricultural, and other facilities worldwide. AirMotion customers can better manage facility temperature and indoor air quality, resulting in greater employee and livestock comfort, increasing productivity, while reducing turnover, absenteeism, and healthcare costs. Payback is quick and ROI very high due to significantly reduced operating costs and elimination of energy waste and loss.


Peter Caruso
Founder & CEO
AirMotion Sciences, Inc.
9 Green Street, Suite 23
Holliston, MA 01746, USA

T 508-429-4411
F 508-429-4401

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