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Whether it is for new facilities being built or for retrofit in existing structures, AirMotion Next Generation HVLS Fans can make a significant difference in comfort, productivity, energy costs, indoor air quality (IAQ), and the environment. If you have a large facility, you'll find AirMotion Big Smart Fans essential. The benefits they provide are multiple, and more than expected. Apart from the primary function of providing a pleasing and comfortable facility environment, AirMotion big fans provide quick payback and high return on investment through significant energy savings by replacing lots of less energy efficient and less effective high-speed standard industrial fans (one AirMotion big fan can replace 15 high-speed fans), by circulating otherwise wasted heat in colder seasons/climates (eliminating stratification of heat), and by effectively supplementing Air Conditioning (keeping people cool at higher thermostat settings with widespread air mixing).

The key application areas are -

The key benefits are -

  • Provide efficient and cost-effective cooling in summer to keep people comfortable (comfortable people are always happy, and more productive).
  • Eliminate stratification of heat in colder seasons/climates to keep facilities warmer while saving a guaranteed 20% - or more in heating costs by circulating wasted heat from the roof level (with a 30° F temperature-difference you can reduce heating costs by up to 45% and more).
  • Improve ventilation and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to maintain healthier indoor atmosphere.
  • Supplement Air Conditioning to reduce cooling costs significantly.

Recommended Area -

For typical cooling objectives we recommend one fan for up to 10,000 sq ft or more; and for heat-destratification and general air mixing we recommend one fan for up to 20,000 sq ft or more as desired. Please contact us for assessing your actual requirement, optimal fan location, and specific installation issues.

AirMotion HVLS Fans do not cause any electrical interference with sensitive monitoring and measuring equipment.


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