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AirMotion HVLS fans’ quiet and unobtrusive operation fits perfectly in any large commercial places and other facilities, including -

  • Shopping Malls/Large Retail Outlets
  • Fitness Centers/Gyms
  • Indoor Sports Facilities/Arena/Equestrian Center
  • Auditoriums/Lobbies/Bars/Restaurants
  • Exhibition and Convention Centers
  • Museums/Churches/Schools and Colleges
  • Airports/Fixed-base operators (FBOs)

The key benefits are -

  • Efficient and cost-effective cooling in summer, better heating comfort in winter.
  • Significant reduction in HVAC energy costs.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)/ventilation
    (a key benefit for Equestrian Centers as horses are very sensitive to poor air quality).
  • Healthier facility environment.
  • Increased business and improved bottom line.

AirMotion big fans provide greater comfort at lower costs - which means increased business and improved bottom line as comfortable people would like your place to come again and again. And the energy efficiency benefits also help build a ‘Green Company’ image.


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