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AirMotion HVLS fans are very effective in agricultural operations, including -

  • Dairy/Poultry/Piggery
  • Barn/Ranch
  • Food processing industries/Fresh produce storage and packing facilities
  • Wineries (AirMotion HVLS fans help maintain consistent temperature - with built in temperature sensors - in the barrel storage areas of wineries)

The key benefits are -

  • Human and animal/livestock comfort
    (efficient and cost-effective cooling in summer, better heating comfort in winter).
  • Significant reduction in HVAC energy costs.
  • Increased productivity (by comfortable animal, and facility staff).
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)/ventilation
    (a key benefit for Barns/Ranches as animal like horses are very sensitive to poor air quality).
  • Healthier facility environment.
  • Significant drying effect.
  • Reduced product spoilage and waste from humid and noxious air, birds, bugs and other pests.

A comfortable animal is a productive animal. Better comfort means better feeding, increasing animal productivity, and generating higher returns on your investment. For cows, research has shown that milk production can be increased significantly when heat stress is eliminated. And with consumers increasingly moving away from dairy producers who use productivity enhancing supplements and drugs, cow comfort to facilitate milk production becomes more important than ever.

AirMotion Next Generation HVLS Fans are probably the easiest, most efficient and cost effective way to create a comfortable environment in dairy barns and other livestock facilities. They mix and move massive amounts of air very quietly to create a pleasing, non-disruptive breeze. The massive air movement also helps in mixing incoming fresh air with the stale air inside to maintain a refreshing and healthier environment in the barns with improved drying effects, while eliminating/minimizing disturbances from birds, bugs, and other pests - all making for conditions that are more conducive to healthier and more productive animals. In the cold season, AirMotion big fans mix the heated air from roof level (with heaters installed up there or at a lower level typically around the walls) with colder air down at the floor level - as hot air always goes up - to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the barn for greater heating comfort while saving a guaranteed 20% - or more in heating costs, and help prevent feed-stocks and water from freezing. AirMotion big fans are easy to install and operate, and provide quick payback and high return on investment (ROI) through significant energy savings in all seasons and climates.

For typical cooling objectives we recommend one fan for up to 10,000 sq ft; and for heat-destratification and general air mixing we recommend one fan for up to 20,000 sq ft.

AirMotion big fans do not cause any electrical interference with sensitive monitoring and measuring equipment.


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