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[We are all about Innovation, Experience, and Know-How. Please allow us to explain why -

INNOVATION ▪ We bring you the smartest features in the industry - from our proprietary VPT™ (Variable Pitch Technology) that lets you change the blade pitch from 0° to 20° up/down to control the direction, intensity, and reach of the air movement, to the use of composite materials in our Rotatair™ blades which enables us to make them lighter and stronger with optimal design for equal effectiveness in moving air up or down, and to our MultiMode Smart Control which provides you manual to fully automatic fan control in 5 modes of operation with on-board smart electronics and temperature sensors. Learn more about AirMotion Next Generation HVLS fans.

EXPERIENCE ▪ We bring years of HVLS fan experience, decades of business management and execution, and over 100 years of engineering expertise to AirMotion's efforts so that we can provide you the product, service, and dependability you will appreciate for years to come. Learn more about AirMotion's experienced team.

KNOW-HOW ▪ Using our innovative approach and depth of experience, we will help you get over inadequate air movement, uncomfortable and unhealthy environment, high HVAC energy costs, poor ventilation/IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), and inconsistent temperatures in your facility. We will strive to get it right, tell it to you straight, and help your business thrive, wherever and whatever it may be. Learn more about how AirMotion Big Smart Fans can help you.]

AirMotion Sciences, Inc. is a Massachusetts, USA based technology company making AirMotion Big Smart Fans™ - an innovative, energy efficient air movement system for large industrial, agricultural, commercial, and other high roof facilities/buildings to help them increase productivity and operational efficiency by improving the facility environment in all seasons and climates while reducing HVAC energy costs significantly.

AirMotion Big Smart Fans are the Next Generation of HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans packed with the smartest features in the big fan industry like VPT™ (Variable Pitch Technology), Rotatair™ Composite blades, and MultiMode Smart Control to provide a complete and more effective air movement throughout a facility than the old generation larger HVLS fans.

AirMotion Big Smart Fans are probably the easiest, most efficient and cost effective way to improve the facility environments through cooling, heat destratification, supplementing Air Conditioning, and ventilation by moving and mixing massive amounts of air. Compared to AirMotion Big Smart Fans, most solutions - including the high-speed standard industrial fans - are less effective, or more expensive, or both. AirMotion Big Smart Fans' complete and more effective air movement creates more comfortable and healthier environments in all types of facilities - in summer - winter - spring - fall - north - south - east - west - whenever, wherever.

The company was founded in 2006 by Peter D. Caruso (former CEO and President of MacroAir Technologies, LLC), with the objective to "build a better mousetrap" by significantly improving upon existing HVLS technology. As a family-run business Mr. Caruso has always ensured product quality and customer service are at the core of the company’s development efforts and day to day operations. The innovation that he and his experienced team have made in HVLS technology are a testament to AirMotion's efforts as their Big Smart Fans raise the bar in the big fan industry by significantly advancing the technology to the next generation of HVLS fans.

AirMotion Big Smart Fans are one of the fastest, easiest, and least expensive ways for facilities to go green when compared with other technologies like wind power or solar energy. AirMotion customers leave a smaller carbon footprint by reducing their energy usage substantially. With smart technology and concepts, AirMotion Sciences is creating a revolution in air movement solutions, making their Big Smart Fans - the Next Generation of HVLS fans - not only a smart business decision, but a conscientious one as well.


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